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2023 Family Office Research Reports

By Marc J. Sharpe

I’m delighted to be teaching an MBA class on “The Entrepreneurial Family Office” as an Adjunct Professor at SMU Cox School of Business this year. One of the things I hope to achieve is to dispel some of the myths that surround family offices. For one thing, I can’t help but feel like the term “family office” has become one the most misused, overused, and poorly used terms in finance.

As anyone who has read TFOA’s free library of family office related whitepapers will attest, we at TFOA remain big skeptics when it comes to classifying ‘family offices’ as an industry. Indeed, the most common platitude that you’ll come across when researching the family office ecosystem is that “if you’ve seen one family office, you’ve seen one single family office.” Therefore, it stands to reason that ‘family offices’ are simply just a market segment that the private wealth industry uses to organize their sales and marketing teams within their own firms, rather than a true industry category in its own right.

Now, having said that, our friends on Wall Street are spending significant dollars on building their family office practices and producing extensive research reports on a range of family office issues. And so, without endorsing any of the firms producing these reports, I’m delighted to share the fruits of their labor with TFOA’s loyal readers.

Please click on the image below or the following link to access the reports: Reports

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